Thanks to the generosity of you and other donors, the Foundation has awarded $40,700 in grants to local libraries since 2013. The Foundation for Southern Tier Libraries is a 501 (c) 3 corporation chartered in 2011 by the State of New York Department of Education. In partnership with friends, neighbors, and donors like you, the Foundation raises funds to strengthen library service to individuals throughout the Southern Tier Library System area. 

In 2017 the Foundation was excited to award $9,483 in grants to these local member libraries:


In 2016 $9,628 in grants were awarded:


 In 2015 grants totaling $11,794 were awarded:

In 2014, the Foundation provided $7,500 in grants:

In 2013, its first grant year, the Foundation awarded $2,500:


General Grant Guidelines

There is no restriction on types of projects for funding except that granted funds may not be used for normal library operations. Grant applications for project funding up to $1,500 each are being solicited. Grants with collaborative libraries or other institutions or agencies are highly encouraged.

Applications in letter form should use the following format not exceeding five (5) pages.

A. Name and Address of applying Institution
B. Name of Executive Director and/or Grant Overseer
C. Contact Information (telephone and e-mail address)
D. Brief History of the library including budgets for two previous years
E. Narrative outlining library services to the respective community
F. Total funds requested and proposed project budget including personnel
G. Description of use of requested funds including impact on library
services, and estimated number of library patrons benefitting
H. Timing and Completion Date of Project
I. Signature of Executive Director or Grant Overseer

Successful applicants receiving grants will be expected to provide the following in the implementation of a project:
1. A final report must be sent to the foundation which reviews completion of the project, expenditure of funds versus initial budget, and impact of the project on library services;
2. Inclusion of the Foundation name must be listed as project funder in all communications and publications (print or electronic media);
3. Brief project review and presentation at the Foundation Annual Meeting in March. Reviews will also be included on the Foundation website.

Please send completed applications (three copies) by mail to:

Peter Gamba
Foundation for Southern Tier Libraries
9424 Scott Road
Painted Post, NY 14870

Closing date for receiving applications will be provided. Applications received after that date will not be considered.

Grant awards will be announced at the Annual Meeting of the Southern Tier Library System October 22, 2017.

Questions about the grant program or process may be directed via e-mail to Peter Gamba – pgamba1007 (@)